The latest manicure trends to try this year

If you are thinking to add something special to your simple and subtle outfit, then getting a fresh and trendy manicure is a perfect way to do so. Although a ballet slipper pink or a classic red nail pain color is a favorite of many and will suit every dress, you must try out something little more adventurous for your next manicure. Moreover, now you don’t have to rush to a parlor to get a manicure. There are many beauty service providers that can visit your home and turn it into a nail salon Dubai by providing the best of manicure services.

In this article we shall be discussing some of the latest manicure trends that you should try out. Take a look.

Graphic Detail

This kind of graphic detailing will offer the boldest look. You can opt for contrasting colors ore opt for similar shades for a muted style to turn heads. You can also ask your stylist to go with simple shades and pattern or a little more elaborate and technical type of style.

Nude and White Minimal Detail

This nude and white design offers a super subtle detailing that will definitely be loved by all you beauties. In this, the stylist will make use of a clear gel polish to show off your brilliant shape of nails and add a splash of white to one or two nails to keep the manicure detailing simple yet striking.

CD Nails

This manicure style embraces the 90s as the nail trend gets its inspiration from a holographic CD. In order to achieve this eye-catching look, the stylist shall be making use of a special pigment made up of tiny reflective particles. She would start with bare nails or any base color that you desire and then apply a layer of pigment finishing it off with a clear sealing gel.

Pearl Detail

This nail trend has been among the latest manicure styles for quite some time now, and is not going to lose its popularity in no time soon. This is because of its versatility and luxe it offers. In order to make it look glamorous, your stylist your stylist can add one, two or more pearls to your nails or go with an iridescent pearl nail polish to keep the style subtle.

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