Safety guide to Spa & facial treatments safe for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a blessing but it can take a lot out of a girl. Every pregnant woman deserves pampering and special care and spa treatments are indeed a retreat for expecting mothers. Many home service salon Dubai have added spa services and facials dubai related to pregnancy. With aching muscles associated with pregnancy, a spa is a tempting way to relax. The safe and relaxing techniques of Spa can ease some of their physical and emotional discomforts during and after pregnancy. It has the ability to nurture both, mother and the baby. 

However, before you get too excited and jump right into your pregnancy spa adventure, here are some things you need to know before you walk in for a spa treatment.

  • Safety Concern during pregnancy

Spa treatments are completely safe when performed by professional therapists and with complete caution. The spa treatment incorporates such techniques and products that, when properly done, will certainly relax the pregnant woman. Prior to treatment, it is recommended to consult with your doctor because some pregnancies might have certain restrictions. Inform your therapist you’re pregnant and about any complication in your pregnancy before you take up any treatment. It is advised to wait until three months.

  • Benefits of a spa in pregnancy

The spa provides body-calming peace. Getting a regular massage from the beginning of pregnancy using special natural oils and safe formulations relieves you from muscle tension, swollen feet, stretch marks, and itching. Facial massages help in treating acne and skin discolouration can also be reduced. 

  • Things to Avoid

During pregnancy, hot tubs and other spa services that can raise your body temperatures, such as wraps, steam, and sauna are off-limits for pregnant women. You should also off-limits about the oils used in your spa treatments because some may not be safe for pregnant women. However, you should not be afraid to use some essential oils as they can be great for alleviating the different side effects of pregnancy. Another thing to avoid is lying on your back or your stomach after the fifth month of pregnancy. Modify your positioning by placing pillows on your side to prop you up, or you may have to sit in a massage chair.

  • Be Cautious

Pregnancy comes with a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Just be careful if you are sensitive to any smell or any of your reactions especially that pregnant women develop. If something seems unpleasant, be sure to ask your spa attendant or spa therapist.

Be certain to follow all these tips and your chances to safely enjoy spa treatments while you’re pregnant, you deserve it! Seeking out a professionally trained therapist for a spa treatment while pregnancy is a must. Nooora beauty concierge is one renowned home service salon Dubai providing you with tailored spa treatments you desire and let you feel healthier and more beautiful at this special stage in your life.