Responsive website design is in high demand in Dubai

Do you know there is a deep connection between the search engines and responsive websites? But before you actually get to know how the two are associated, you must know what a responsive website is.

A responsive website can be defined as the one that adjusts to the screen size of desktops, Smartphone, and tablet browsers without creating a disturbance in the layout or in the navigation ease. These websites are visually appealing and ensure to engage the users and turn them to potential customers. This trend led to a high demand for website design company in Dubai and hence many of the web development companies to focus on such a web design.

Advantages of responsive websites

The many advantages of responsive website design includes:

·         These sites have fast loading speed because of which the visitor is compelled to stay longer, thus reducing the bounce rate.

·         Regardless of the device, responsive websites work on the same HTML code on the same URL.

·         It is supported by almost all browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox.

Responsive website design a necessity

  • The crawling and indexing is easy on a responsive website therefore Google prefers it.
  • The business hubs of Dubai and UAE are witnessing a growing mobile phone penetration.
  • Because of the growth rate in online shopping, the ecommerce industry need their websites to be responsive in order to mak it convenient for the customers to shop from anywhere.
  • Since the customers are spending longer time online, most of the businesses want to reach out to them through all devices whether a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Because a responsive website design increases accessibility and have user friendly features, it is the need of the hour.