Know more about the advantages of cable trunking

Cable trunking is referred to as hiding the untidy wires and cables and managing them to make the place look neat and tidy. Installing cable trunking should be planned and executed in a careful manner to minimize or eliminate the risk of a fire accident. Cable tray manufacturers in UAE offer different cable trunking options like PVC coated, galvanized, flexible conduit, fiberglass trunking, and industrial steel. 

Trunking pillows are also used as they are less susceptible to fire. They are made up of fire resistant material. They are commonly used to plug holes and ceiling the electric cables.

Cable tray suppliers in also offer cable management kits which contain multiple ranges of items to help in routing the cables. The items in the kit include clams, we, ties to help in trunking the cables and increase the air flow around them.

Need for cable management

Most companies have a specific server room which contains large amounts of data and computer networks which carry a huge amount of messy cables and wires. These rooms are at higher risk of fire accidents due to malfunctioning or overheated electronic operating devices. Burning of wires and cables can add to the problem by generating toxic smoke due to the burning of rubber insulations and expose of live electric wires. Hence, these wires and cables need proper cable management to prevent any damages like fire and breakage. Cable trunking solutions come with a fireproof facility which can solve the purpose to a great extent.

Cable management if not done in a proper fashion may lead to increased health and safety risks to the individuals who work nearby the server room. Hence, it is better to take the advice of a professional and follow relevant safety guidelines during installation of cable trunking.